Today, a new month begins along with what appears to be a veritable (20°C and sunny) summer in London, and I realize that two months have flown by since I last wrote let alone logged into what now appears to be a newly upgraded WordPress. April and May’s seemingly perpetual state of silence on-site marks the move to my seventeenth new home — nearly as many homes as I am old — and there hasn’t been enough time to unpack the boxes let alone post here properly with work, travel, interviews and portfolio reviews looming around the corner.  Internet access has also been touch and go for the most part of the last two volatile months, but I’ve been trying as best I can to supplement the gaps left here by posting links on Twitter instead for convenient and mobile reading — all of which can be followed @shbadr. But things are gradually settling down again as the spring season overdrive shifts gears for a while and I take a break to catch up on news, reviews and opinion pieces (one in particular about the reason I moved) that have been sitting in the draft box for far too long whilst I browse furniture catalogues and try to track down items in the massive upheaval of unopened cardboard…

I have also just turned twenty-four — a ripe three days since, in fact — and though arguably not marking any significant transformation overnight, I increasingly contemplate the long-coming advent of my ‘quarterlife crisis‘ and all it implies in the flurry of my changing circumstance and sobering aims and ambitions as life’s momentum necessitates that I grow old. To give you a little preview of what’s to come in what hopefully will not be an exhausted series of essays about adult disillusionment and lifestyle management for the Web 3.0-savvy, I must now declare that I have come to despise London as much as I did Cairo some five years ago, and it is very much a people-rooted sentiment rather than that of the presiding urban locale and its somewhat ancient façades. Having been forced to endure six months of torture in my previous abode (suffice it to say a handbook titled How to Deal with London Landlords and other Satanic Creatures from Hell is shortly forthcoming), I have learnt many things that I’d like to share with future unsuspecting London tenants, city-dwellers and twenty-somethings alike.

But I’ll save those lessons for what’s to come as  the hiatus is officially broken and regular posting resumes. Until then, many thanks to those who have continued to visit throughout this period of unbecoming muted activity, and I look forward to repaying the favour throughout the upcoming summer months and beyond.

Sarah Badr © MMIX

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