To wake up…

It began with a single idea: ‘Go to a place. Ask fifty people the same question. Film their responses.’ And what a tremendous response it has been so far. This intimate series from the Crush + Lovely creative studio based between New York and San Francisco provides unique insight into the personal desires of strangers when spontaneously asked various questions — the most recent being where they would like be when they next wake up. Revealing an interesting juxtaposition between those who would like to stay where they are and others who yearn to be elsewhere, the impromptu approach of filming the individuals featured at random was inspired by the project’s first undertaking in New Orleans by the Deltree start-up led by creative entrepreneur and director Benjamin Reece. Narrowing in on the question of what one wished would happen by the end of the day, the original take of the Fifty People, One Question concept has since led the team of soon-to-be former Boom Design Group creatives to the streets of New York, Brooklyn, and most recently London. All beautifully shot with suitable chosen soundtracks to match (Four Tet, Louis Armstrong, Au Revoir Simone, Do Make Say Think), the Deltree slogan of ‘To Move You’ couldn’t have been more fitting.

Having just been informed that the Crush + Lovely team have struck a deal with Deltree to continue production and distribution of this dynamic film series, it looks like the third question in line is set to be ‘What one thing would complete you?’ — though the upcoming city destinations have yet to be disclosed. Featured above is the Brooklyn edition, and the remainder of the videos can be viewed at Crush + Lovely’s page on Vimeo. Great snapshots of people encountered on both the London and Brooklyn shoots are also available on Flickr via photographer and executive producer Nathan Heleine. Directed by Kenneth Chu, filmed by Benjamin Reece, produced by Nathan Heleine, with sound by Tung Bach Ly.

Sarah Badr © MMIX

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