Corner piece

Dan Flavin - Corner Piece

Dan FlavinUntitled (Corner Piece), 1987 4 neon tubes ed.3/5



by the image
not there,
we resign
to inequity
in fear

alone in our existence
we cannot be justified

and onward we walk
from ashes to dust,
time casts her shadow
as life slowly unravels.


Trick Mirror

So we met one night
right here as we do
immersed in the darkness
of the search-and-conquer,
And you sat on a bench
with eyes unfocused
as your blankness gazed
expressionless and small

You turned to me then
as you turn to me now
with head held in hands
sizing-up whilst smiling,
Beneath shadows cast
by a deception drawn
you affirm the void within
your meaningless defense.

– Sarah Badr

© 2009.  S.H.Badr, All Rights Reserved.


One thought on “Corner piece

  1. Dear Sir and Madam,

    For an article on Art & Light, we would like to publish Dan Flavin’s work along with Morellet and Levêque, who already gave us their agreement. This is for the magazine “La mode en Image”, a very restricted edition of 400 copies printed in France. The image that we would particularly appreciate is “Dan Flavin, Corner Piece, 1987 4 neon tubes ed3/5 collection M HKA” that we saw on your internet site. If you agree, could you please send me this image in high definition format (297×420 at 300dpi) for being published next month?

    Thanks again for your cooperation


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