With the exception of this morning (norovirus woes throughout the night),  I’ve taken to regularly posting a couple of news stories and a single music video to my Facebook feed as I begin to tackle the day’s work ahead over breakfast. Several people tell me they frequently tune in, though more for the music, and I’ve been contemplating whether it might be easier to just present the videos on a page of their own. I’ve been an avid fan of music videos for as long as I can remember (the Jacksons, Ace of Base, Metallica — all introduced to me on-screen), and despite there being several ‘channels’ online with great collections, production information is not always as comprehensive as should be, and not all players are made for convenient embedding elsewhere. So in my poor state last night I had no option but to follow through — and all 165 videos posted to date (with the exception of those removed from YouTube since 2007) are now up on the new Ampersound site.

The current domain is set to change once the IP points in the right direction, so take note of the new address when updated. Still much progress to be made, but have a browse through and let me know what you think.  It’ll be added to daily, alongside extra additions taken from this site and my bookmarked collection not yet tapped into. And on another though related topic, Express Checkout was also refurbished recently. It’s about time, too, seeing as my foray into the blogosphere actually began there and not here. Admittedly this tangled web of sites is starting to become a bit difficult to cover overhead alongside my writing articles for other non-affiliated sites. So the video library will eventually be incorporated into this site, and from there everything is likely to become a new section featured on one or two of the domains currently in main use. In any case, I’ll follow up on all that soon, whenever there’s another chance (hopefully without the involvement of projectile vomiting next time).

Sarah Badr © MMIX

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