Fever ray

Thankfully having just been reminded to look out for Röyksopp’s upcoming release of Junior, I was very glad to see that The Knife’s Karin Dreijer will once more be featured. Because nearly four years following the success of their second studio album, who can forget those delicately haunting vocals from ‘What Else Is There?’ on The Understanding, so masterfully visualized by the award-winning director Martin de Thurah and later remixed by Anders Trentemøller? It was because of this particular album that I later dug into Silent Shout and Deep Cuts, both catapulting The Knife to number two on my must-see-live list, just below Sigur Rós and Radiohead tied at number one (footage clearly proves why). And as though that weren’t enough, Dreijer is set to double the anticipation with the release of Fever Ray, the debut album for her new solo project, out on the same exact date as Röyksopp’s and most likely paving the way for a successful European tour later on in the year. So judging by the video premier for Fever Ray’s first single, ‘If I Had a Heart’ (co-produced by Hird’s Christoffer Berg), I already sense my Klicktrack pre-order imminent on the horizon. From the same talent behind various clips for The Knife, José González and fellow Rabid musician Jenny Wilson, this stunning feature was directed by Malmö-based artist Andreas Nilsson — yet another to add to this paragraph of Scandinavian audiovisual revelry.

Sarah Badr © MMIX

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