Always has, always will

It’s true, she is — and she wants you to print her out, hang her up and take a photo of her, too. Enter the new generation of poster campaigning, My Mother is Watching You by (according to the Whois lookup) Romain Vigier. Apart from the little information available, i.e. Vigier & Co. are possibly based in the Rhône-Alpes region of France, the mystery of it all is just as ominous as the poster itself, poking fun at our burdensome ‘nanny state’, CCTV society and our embedded sense of right-or-wrong with a pair of specs and some Geoffrey Lee-inspired realist sans-serif typeface. With much potential of being the next viral hit, it rivals several internet memes now long gone, including the rather outdated Sleeveface, PostSecret, and the increasingly ubiquitous I Can Has Cheezburger spin-offs unavoidably stumbled upon today. And it’s quite easy to see how quickly this might catch on whilst browsing through the gallery, especially as Mother’s free counselling services are just a mouse-click away… Or else you can just send in your own feedback and snapshots of the poster provided via easy download. A message so simple, yet so effective.

Sarah Badr © MMVIII

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