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With 2009 fast approaching us (so soon already?), it’s time to put an end to this site-squatting contagion. After promising back in September to follow-up with developments on the space I had set aside for wordless relief by way of a visual art-only portfolio over at [sarah badr], all has been mum on the grapevine till now. But finally with some leisurely vacation idle in sight (or at least one likes to hope), I figure there will be no better opportunity than now to get all that is stagnant rolling once more. Conceptually based on my poetry series ‘Breakdown (For the New Millennium)’, the now updated page to launch the official site presents a visual run-down of potential metaphor in break-step animation. Perhaps best summed up as a current news feed and/or media blitz to signify the age of communication technologies, digital content, and the constant bombardment of information in copious varieties of format, it is part of my ongoing exploration of the marrying of poetry and graphic design through motion graphics. Though at around only thirty-six impromptu frames in makeshift, it is still very much under construction — so do stay tuned.

A side note for sake of synchrony and further dimensional enhancement, I highly recommend you play Simian Mobile Disco’s track ‘Tits & Acid‘ (Attack Decay Sustain Release, 2007) in the background whilst watching, as it’s currently a strong contender for Breakdown‘s feature soundtrack. Now that aside, CSS updates have been sighted in various locations on Pieces at Random and Express Checkout, following the launch of WordPress 2.7 and its provision of more flexible autonomy for back-end blogging (many thanks to those of you who e-mailed feedback!). Elsewhere, personal portfolios on a number of creatives’ networks have been given a breath of new life with the uploading of my recent production of work in galleries. And in less fruitful news, unfortunately due to the volume of projects running over at Springbox Design, the sb* re-brand has fallen a few notches on the to-do list in order to focus attention on where it’s most needed, ahead of imminent deadlines before everyone retires for the holidays. But as usual, keep your bookmarks updated and I promise to report back as progress continues on into the New Year.

Sarah Badr © MMVIII

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