SoundCloud opening

Logging on to SoundCloud the other day, I noticed a colossal countdown underway in their signature orange hue. Indicating ’05 days’ remaining, I clearly hadn’t been keeping up-to-date sufficiently with the online music community’s recent developments. A skim through the SoundCloud blog quickly eradicated that problem, however, and I’m very happy to announce that when the clock strikes midnight this Friday, 10th October, their doors will finally be opening to the public to join in the marvel of being able to share originally-produced tracks with fellow music producers and music listeners alike — and with an ease that the more traditional file-hosting and FTP methods have never come close to allowing. Having been kindly invited myself by one of the SoundCloud developers to try out the network in its beta stage (it had previously been open via invite only), I must say that it’s definitely created a niche of its own in a market that was yearning for such a resource.

Though one might say there are countless methods of marketing music and getting constructive feedback on the web these days, SoundCloud provides tools that enrich the music-making process and the depth of discussion more than anything else. With customizable widgets that can be used on various off-site interfaces, DJs no longer have to be limited to the use of MySpace — or dare I say the beloved — as well as countless others in order for fans to sample tracks. And with specific reference to, I reckon between it and SoundCloud (and possibly imeem or VIRB° depending on how popular they become), the net’s musically-inclined populace will now be much better integrated and vibrant with potential that may be unprecedented in more ways than one.

Want to know more? Click here to to take a grand tour of SoundCloud.

P.S. For those unable to wait until Friday to sign up, feel free to get in touch as I still have a few invites to spare!

Sarah Badr © MMVIII


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