At the crossroads

17 September, 2008

If a frequent visitor or subscriber, you may have already noticed the recent subtle touching-up to various internal pages and older posts, which will hopefully enhance the navigability of Pieces at Random whilst making newly-acquired style alterations more uniform throughout. Another reason I’m doing this now probably comes as a result of lots of packing and being surrounded by boxes ahead of a move. Big changes are imminent, so if there’s to be a massive overhaul in life, why not here as well? Additional changes will be due shortly, including the much needed work on Springbox Design and my fine art portfolio site that’s been shelved long enough by now. And as briefly noted earlier, I’m not too sure how ‘connected’ I’ll be starting next week through the month of October. I may have to do a bit of pre-set auto-publishing to compensate, so if anything at any point seems a bit behind the times or out of context, my apologies in advance. I’ll update everything as need be once up and running again — but until then, keep reading and checking for more news!

Sarah Badr © MMVIII



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