Red letter year

So it seems that being signed onto imeem is good for something after all: Give or take a few weeks, it’s been two years since Ani DiFranco’s last studio album release of Reprieve, yet another beautiful example of DiFranco pushing her own bounds to impress with increasing depth and faultlessness. Now with the announcement of Red Letter Year out at the end of this month, the anticipation is on; only this time, the entire album is available for streaming on imeem pre-release. So as I sit here listening, it’s safe to say that after over twenty releases in nearly just as many years, this record once again confirms the thirty-eight year-old’s unfailing artistry. And having recently become a mother (in fact, this number was co-produced with her partner, Mike Napolitano), a distinctly relaxed and mature sound has been imparted to the twelve tracks — surely resting well amongst the prized selection in her prolific canon of work.

Click to listen to Ani’s Red Letter Year on imeem now!

Sarah Badr © MMVIII

See also: ‘Reprise and reprieve’ (pieces at random)


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