Twice removed

In anticipation of temporarily not having full-time internet access in a few weeks’ time, this is an interlude of sorts. Two German-based electronic artists, two somber animated CGI clips and similar titles to boot — Though these two feature rather different songs, both Plastikman and Funkstörung highlight how a single word can lend itself to varying interpretations that are still worthy of note (more on the now retired Funkstörung and the power of words shortly). It’s undeniable that a lot comes down to packaging style, and in this case that’s the final video product. With musicians increasingly exploring the potential of YouTube as a marketing machine, the music video is more vital than ever, reaching audiences near and far with no more effort than that which went into its production (in this case, rather well-crafted graphics for lingering impact) and a few clicks of the mouse to post and distribute worldwide.

‘Disconnect’, Plastikman
Closer, 2003
Directed by Ali M. Demirel and animated by Cem Gul

‘Disconnected’, Funkstörung
Feat. Enik, Disconnected 2004
Directed and produced by Joachim Smetschka

Sarah Badr © MMVIII

See also: Plastikman (Richie Hawtin)

Funkstörung Complete


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