Happy seconds

Två år gammal

Midway through July, and coincidentally it seems to be an eventful month on the web-milestones front. Somewhere amongst Last.fm’s major overhaul, Computerlove’s update, iGoogle’s debut as my homepage, and various subscription expiration e-mails received, I’ve completely lost sight of yet another: this blog’s anniversary. Albeit a week late, I would like to take this opportunity to post in celebration of the second year running, first starting out 12th July back in 2006 as a rather virginal attempt to join the blogging revolution. As a result, I have long since given up keeping a paper journal regardless of how many empty Moleskines accumulate, for I find that this particular outlet is more than sufficient. Together with Express Checkout, I’m glad to have gained an audience far beyond what I’d initially expected, and I greatly look forward to posting in the future as well as continuing to receive your insightful comments and e-mails. Most importantly, I also hope that you continue to browse, read and enjoy.

Sarah Badr © MMVIII


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