Western spaghetti

To be able to say that the much admired director Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) is one of your admirers is indeed a very extraordinarily flattering thing, although most deservedly enough the New York-based independent animator Adam Pesapane can make such a claim. This award-winning and internationally acclaimed film-maker operating under the moniker PES in Harlem has produced commercials for Orange Telecom, Bacardi and Nike, as well as a generous offering of shorts, loops and ‘stories’. And if Paste Magazine‘s 43rd issue is anything to go by, his reputation is certainly growing in leaps and bounds.

With a style that’s fantastical and described as creating a ‘candy-coated world’, PES turns ordinary objects into animated characters of the far-fetched imagination. And while the mundane reaches colourful new heights through the Pesapane film collective’s creative techniques and penchant for cut-outs in stop-motion, there’s something very comforting in the imagery so very rooted in the underlying familiarity in all things taken from everyday life. This edibility of twistedly delicious imagery is very well demonstrated in their most recent short, ‘Western Spaghetti’ (shown above). Written and directed by PES, animated by PES and Javan Ivey, edited by Sam Welch, and produced by Sarah Phelps.

Sarah Badr © MMVIII

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