The slip

The Slip cover art

In a host of articles published since Radiohead’s famed ‘free-for-all’ album release of In Rainbows, there has been much noted mention of the likes of Madonna and Nine Inch Nails also exercising their independence from oftentimes creatively stifling record companies hell-bent on profit rather than sound. So it is with great pleasure today, thanks to a good friend of mine, that I received word of the latest Nine Inch Nails full album release. In time for my brother’s birthday at precisely 12:01am on 5 May, The Slip (the band’s 27th instalment, or as they call it ‘halo’) was made available on an eponymous website, along with the further offering of forwarding three download invitations to friends and fellow NIN lovers. And after now having lost count of how many times I’ve had it on replay, I can safely say that like all of the band’s previous work, this one certainly doesn’t disappoint.

With a few riffs reminiscent of the earlier days of Reznor & Co. (especially in the opening) paired with a penetratingly welcome display of the band’s recent foray into the more instrumental (for more of a taste, refer to Ghosts I-IV, also released with a fan-friendly online scheme back in March), The Slip is a veritable success.I can’t help but keep thinking of Tool,and 10,000 Days in particular. And it makes me happy to hear that their sound continues strong and thriving. Though after having attended one of their spectacular shows on the Euro-leg of their Live: With Teeth tour two winters ago, this beautiful turnout is as expected: quintessentially NIN.

Sarah Badr © MMVIII

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