Genesis explained

Cerebrum by Sarah Badr (c)

by Sarah Badr, 2002
50 x 50 cm matte paper print

Finally after much embarrassing delay, I’ve come around to beginning the development of a more extensive online portfolio than is currently available for my work (a.k.a. the Genesis Gallery of my earlier career). This will mostly be used for practical and personal reasons (recent developments about which I will soon elaborate in these pages), but at the same time I hope that any receiving audience enjoys the pieces at hand.

As mentioned in a previous post below, I had recently come across Computerlove™, a creative online platform allowing the artistically-inclined to do a bit of self-marketing as well as network and enjoy an abundance of incredible and inspiring work in today’s creative world. Seeing as my entire collection (the creation of which took place back in 2002 and extends through today) comes together rather haphazardly unless broken down into loose themes, I tried as best I could to organize the pieces uploaded so far. I’m also still in the stage of familiarizing myself with the mechanisms of the Cpluv community, and though it may be some time until a full profile with a finished feel is realized, one can revel momentarily in having gone beyond the point of procrastination…

I’m still in the process of editing and adding to the galleries, as well as the general profile and my user blog, so check back from time to time to see the additions/alterations made. I will also begin building a space for my commercial portfolio and link that with my Springbox Design site in order to supplement its currently empty portfolio section. This will consist mostly of brand work and related material. My new galleries so far (pending completion) can be found here. And any feedback at absolutely any time is always greatly appreciated!

Sarah Badr © MMVIII

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