Advanced beauty


Representing the exploration of digital artworks born and influenced by sound in an ongoing collaboration between Lovebytes and Sheffield Galleries & Museums Trust, the eagerly anticipated world premiere of Advanced Beauty will be taking place next month. With its purpose serving to highlight the synergy between creative computer programmers, artists, animators and architects from around the world, the project is curated by the Sheffield-based creative studio Universal Everything and sound artist Freeform. Featured will be 17 audio-visual sound sculptures in the launch of a long-term multi-screen exhibition at the Millennium Galleries, introduced by Matt Pyke (Universal Everything founder and previously of The Designers Republic). Along with it, there will be an exclusive screening of Advanced Beauty in HD video with a soundtrack from the Freefarm, to which tickets are unfortunately already sold out (but the HD-DVD is due out later this year; watch trailer below). In honour of the two-day Lovebytes Festival 2008, Advanced Beauty contributor Karsten Schmidt (of PostSpectacular) will be holding a talk on generative design, focusing on the ‘intertwined network of rules and processes’, software and customs tools, as well as the transformation of our conceptual ideas of the designer/artist/author roles in the creative process.

Advanced Beauty Exhibition, 9th May – 8th August, 2008 (hours 9am-5pm at the Millennium Galleries). Artist Talk with Karsten Schmidt, 9th May at 3.30pm-4.30pm in the Showroom Cinema. Free entry to both, but space is limited in the latter so arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Sarah Badr © MMVIII

Advanced Beauty, Preview #1

See also: Advanced Beauty (Official Site)

Lovebytes Festival 2008

Showroom Cinema


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