Technicolour pyramid

In a follow-up to an ancient post published back in Septemer 2006 about the very well-received bouncy balls advert featuring José González’s idyllic rendition of ‘Heartbeats‘, here’s another promotional release from the Sony BRAVIA team. Apparently in an attempt to appeal to the MEA market, this time it stars flying spools of coloured yarn and features the hazy Giza skyline as its backdrop. Produced by Velocity Films and directed by Keith Rose, it’s just as colourful as its predecessors, thus very much demonstrating the same tech-smart qualities as desired by Y&R Asia on occasions prior. However, the soundtrack does disappoint (my condolences to Robert Schroder and Lorraine Shannon of SAMRO), but this may be partly due to the reason that the novelty of the campaign’s ad series has by now generally worn off (which I suspect is also the case with the BRAVIA product itself…).

View the ad in high resolution here (Quicktime), and seeing as tomorrow is Easter, the BRAVIA bunnies advert is an extremely fitting one to watch as well.

Happy holidays everyone!

Sarah Badr © MMVIII


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