Give me a sine

As if there weren’t enough Swedish musical talent out there, today comes the discovery of Forss. Another IDM wonder, Eric Wahlforss (signed with Sonar Kollektiv) has been compared to the likes of dub-ish Amon Tobin, with a suave touch of jazz (unsurprising considering his contribution to the Jazzanova remixes) and a tinge of hip-hop-fused turntablism. Not much more is available by way of bio-specs other than that he seems to have been inactive since summer 2007, he is ‘MySpace-friends’ with The Knife, and he reminds me a lot of fellow Swede The Field and Texan experimentalist A.M. Architect. And Belleruche, and the Thievery Corporation… (Side note: Other elektro-schwedisch-wunderkinder to look out for are Hundarna Från Söder [trans. the dogs from the south]. More on them soon…)

Above is the Sine animation created by Gary Butcher for Optronica (2005), the new London festival dedicated to the fusion of music and visuals. With fantastically integrated audio-visual effect, it has subsequently been used as the video for Forss’ ‘City Ports’ track, featured on his Soulhack album (2003). To be enjoyed until Forss’ next release…

Sarah Badr © MMVIII

See also: Forss (Official Site)

Experimental Typographic Animation for ‘Flickermood’ (Soulhack), by Sebastian Lange

Sonar Kollektiv


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