Celebrating digital film

Showing the best digital films of the year, the 9th Bitfilm Festival live event will commence in Stuttgart following the round of submission lasting until 15 March, and a period of online voting from May to July 2008. A part of the International Animation Festival and the fmx/08, the closing event and Award Show will take place in Hamburg, with all films being shown in the Bitfilm community’s virtual capital ‘Bitropolis’. The award categories consist of the following: 3D Space Award (computer generated 3D animations), FX Mix Award (digitally composed hybrid films), Flash Award (vector animations made with Flash), Machinima Award (films shot live in computer games), Mobile Award (films and series designed for mobile device), and the Realtime Award (animations rendered in real time). The film above titled ‘The Big Brother State’ was submitted by David Scharf of Germany in 2007 (2D Animation/3D Animation/Short film/Motion graphics/Visual FX), under the Documentary genre.

Caption:The Big Brother State’ is an educational film about what politicians claim to be protection of our freedom but what we refer to as repressive legislation. Since terrorism has become a global threat, especially after 9/11, governments all over the world have started enforcing laws which, so the governments say, should increase national security. These laws obviously aim at another goal: the states gaining more and more control of their citizens at the cost of our privacy and freedom.

Sarah Badr © MMVIII

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