Enter the new internet craze: ‘Sleeveface’. What is it, you ask? Well, it’s the fun photography phenomenon that unassumingly began in a Cardiff bar last April and is now spreading fast. And understandably so, because with just a record sleeve, a camera and some creativity, anyone can join in by following the easy steps in the instructional video shown above. Nowadays, groups on the Facebook social network provide a good litmus test for the latest trends, and Sleeveface has surely made its mark. In a way, it has become a brand in itself, with hundreds of people posting their own photos on the special site serving the purpose of uniting and educating thousands of ‘Sleevefacers’ worldwide. John Rostron, a founding father of the movement and a music promoter for Plug Two, himself owns approximately 6,000 records–a collection that lends itself well to the activity in focus. And what once was perhaps thought to have become obsolete or ‘vintage’ (i.e. keep in the living room to show off to guests when they come over for dinner), vinyl is making a comeback in a way never before imagined.

Already Sleeveface has gained popular favour through the likes of media outlets such as The Guardian and The Observer. Record stores have even seen customers coming in to make purchases for the purpose of being photographed, along with one London outlet aiming to host a Sleeveface exhibition. With an appearance on BBC One’s The One Show and plans for a book of photographs to be published, it seems that the trend won’t die down any time soon. And that may be a good thing considering, because as Mr. Rostron puts it, ‘We’re going to organise some sleeveface parties where we can meet up. We’ve made lots of new friends.’ And who wouldn’t want to party and make friends?

Sarah Badr © MMVIII

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