Doesn’t matter

Here is Danish electronic indie artist Kasper Bjørke‘s new music video for ‘Doesn’t Matter’, featuring the New York City duo The Pierces. Directed by Adam Jandrup and Karim Ghahwagi, it follows the ‘alternate’ video for the track which was filmed by Bjørke himself. (Editor’s note: Video embedding for ‘Doesn’t Matter’  has since been disabled upon request, but it can still be viewed on YouTube. The replacement above is another from the same album, for the track ‘Back and Spine’ featuring the icelandic duo FM BELFAST. Animated by Katrine G and Jacob Bue.) Also a member of the internationally acclaimed Copenhagen house outfit Filur, this is the second single to come off of Bjørke’s first solo album In Gumbo (2007). And with Florence & Johann on-board as his graphic design team, it’s all well worth checking out.

Sarah Badr © MMVIII

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