Life from Pluto

Having in the past performed live with Murcof at La Géode IMAX Theater in Paris, one can imagine that a man who can both create visuals worthy of Mexico’s finest minimalist electronica at 12,000 watts and display on 400m² is a man of great talent. And Italian performance director and experimental animator Saul Saguatti stands up to the task without a doubt. Based in Bologna, the 42 year-old president of the cultural association Basmati has far too expansive a portfolio (including photography, projects and more live performances) to try to summarize here. But for now, Life from Pluto (Remix 04) provides some example of Saguatti’s abstract work, reproducing a metaphor of disentanglement from electromagnetic waves in a vacuum alongside a soundtrack by fellow Bolognan wang inc.

Sarah Badr © MMVIII

See also: Basmati

basmati ass.cult (MySpace)

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La Géode



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