Warhol v Banksy

Warhol's Marilyn Monroe, 1963 - Banksy's Kate Moss, c.2005

Warhol vs Banksy
In association with Pollock Fine Art

A face-to-face show of classic drawings and paintings by Andy Warhol set against the infamous graffiti work of Banksy.

Campbell’s or Tesco? Grace Kelly, Muhammad Ali, Winston Churchill, Mick Jagger, Queen Elizabeth, The Beatles, Smiley Man police statue, Andy Warhol himself and others make for a potent cocktail of celebrity, satire and voyeurism. Upon contact opposing pictures are explosive for their contrast, even of the same subject. For three weeks this month, The Hospital Gallery presents Warhol vs Banksy, the first exhibition anywhere by the world’s two hottest artists today.

The work of artists Warhol and Banksy are being shown side by side in a new exhibition which explores the relationship between their creations. The exhibition contains over 40 drawings and paintings created by the key figure in Pop Art and the innovative graffiti artist. Fame is one of the topics explored by both artists through their depiction of well-known faces including Warhol’s screen print of Grace Kelly. Banksy’s screen prints of Kate Moss sit next to the image which inspired them – Warhol’s 1963 print of Marilyn Monroe (shown above).

Both artists have a “similar attitude” to celebrity, says Duncan Cargill, director of the Hospital Club gallery. Warhol’s delicate line drawing of Queen Elizabeth, based on her image on a ten pence coin, is juxtaposed with Banksy’s monkey image of the monarch rendered in acrylic and oil. The exhibition also features Warhol’s Beatle series which has not been shown in the UK before.

10 August – 1 September 2007
The Gallery at The Hospital, Endell Street, London WC2
Admission is free

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