Lingua franca

The lessons and techniques used in taught language courses and independent learning courses are virtually the same, but where a difference lies is in practise and immersion. This is how you really master a language and become able to use it in an everyday context, and language mastery entails constant exercise, ideally along with visiting a country where your language of interest is spoken and/or maintaining regular correspondence with a native speaker. And although the speedy success achievable in paying to take an expensive taught language course makes it a popular method of learning, learning a new language by yourself these days can have its benefits if you have access to the right resources.

After having both taken various language classes and learned independently, I’ve experienced that the latter is sometimes more time-efficient and practical for anyone with a limiting schedule. So for several years, I’ve searched for the most accessible and affordable resources in order to go it alone and come out knowing more than just ‘Hello, pleased to meet you.’ And finally, my accumulated collection of resources has manifested itself in the new Languages section on this site, in the form of individual Language Study Guides and other related language links. So if you’re planning on moving to a country whose primary language you don’t speak, or if you’re interested in opening up new doors of opportunity (career, study, or otherwise), you can start learning independently without paying a hefty fee or travelling to the next town over for expensive classes.

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Why language learning can be advantageous…

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