Enjoying Incubus

Incubus - Brandon Boyd

I wanted just one thing for Christmas last year, and what I wanted was the new Incubus album Light Grenades, released in the UK on 27th November. I actually began writing this post shortly before, but never quite got back to it because my present came earlier than expected, and in a much more potent form of musical bliss–

Thanks to a wonderful friend and flatmate of mine, I finally had the opportunity to see live the very band that I’d absolutely adored since first hearing their 2000 hit single ‘Drive’ and immediately running out to by their album Make Yourself. I distinctly remember listening to that album over and over in the summer of 2001, going on to become the soundtrack of my years of so-called ‘teenage angst’ and gradual self-actualization. And since that time, I’ve kept up-to-date with the band’s development, getting (and enjoying) all subsequent albums, watching video after video, loving their talented and aesthetically pleasing lead singer Brandon Boyd, and dreaming of the day I’d finally get to see them in concert…

Suffice it to say that attending their performance at the London Astoria on 14 November, 2006 was a phenomenal experience, if not a dream come true. Below is a brief clip of Incubus playing ‘Wish You Were Here’, from their 2001 album Morning View.

Sarah Badr © MMVII

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