Gallery — Vitamin C

Vitamin C, 04 (c)

Vitamin C
by Sarah Badr, 2004
100 x 47 cm giclée print


this city evokes
your scent in spring
as the rays dance on
red-brick corners
and rough concrete

desperately searching, I am
for that distant colour
in the taxicab gloss
of drury lane’s
pinks and greens

why why whys
and how when wheres
as I sip my espresso
and stare beyond
the grimey windowpane

scattered bits of heaven
yet I search
because try as I may
the fair-weathered birds
are just not enough.

perhaps if we could start over
perfect strangers,
meeting for the second first-time
I could try and change
my inherent inclination

maybe it’s searching for something
while flying underground
staring at a strange man’s back
while listening
to the sound of nerves

or it’s searching for something
at cavendish square
hoping that what comes from above
won’t be shit,
won’t be rain

now it’s searching for something
as I go up the stairs
turn right, then left
I’m home now
with or without whatever it was.

forget the ballets
the balconies
the discourse
and just clear away
the broken shards of glass

no why why whys
or how when wheres
as I sip my tea
and stare beyond
the dimly lit screen

the intermezzo plays on
as the nighttime falls
after cleaning out my closet,
I know I need
an early start tomorrow

because this city evokes
your scent in spring
as I walk, looking down
at a sky so blue
and I remember–

shit, the rain.

– Sarah Badr

© 2007. S.H.Badr, All Rights Reserved.


4 thoughts on “Gallery — Vitamin C

  1. I looked at, watched, listened to, and read your poem over and over.
    With a wider grin on my inner face at the end of each journey I can’t but begin the round trip again

  2. Dear Sara,

    The baby that I knew since she was few months of age,
    Has grown up, reaches for the sky having the world in her grip,
    The fine young lady that I have seen now, fills me with hopes for a future that is filled with new stronger generation. Well done Sara

  3. Tante Hend,
    Thank you so much for your very kind message. It gives me much inspiration to continue to do what I do, in hope that others may continue to enjoy it. Thanks again!

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