Gallery — Time

Time, 2003 (c)

by Sarah Badr, 2003
75 x 75 cm glossy print

7,830 Days

The clock strikes passage,
and the night presses on.

So strange that I am here,
open window, closed door.
My back is turned,
but you can see me.
And you would; you’ve seen it all.

It was a time to forget
So much easier–
It was so much easier then.

I had been stopping
then repositioning–
And you were running–
running from myself.

But now motion is calm
less calculated
And I patiently step forward
into the river of her-story.

Our wound is small now,
And I’ll look for you
while you look for me
as we converge on the cusp
of one sea and one remembrance.

I will miss you–yes
like you never existed.
And you will miss me
like I never forgot at all:

the me of innocence,
the me of fear
the me that learned
to love and to spurn
and the me that learned
to pretend to be me,
and then grew up
and just decidedly was–

And I will embrace
every-you in me
and remember:
It was an easier time then
that I will never forget.
And the night will press on,
bridging the gaps of memories…

The clock strikes passage:

7,831 days.

– Sarah Badr

© 2006. S.H.Badr, All Rights Reserved.

Editor’s note: (Update 18.8.07) An incident violating the Copyright Policy and Fair Use terms of this site has recently been drawn to my attention, the content of which involved the written piece above. As a general reminder, please bear in mind that the preservation of integrity of an artist’s work as upheld in intellectual property law serves to maintain a just environment such that it remains conducive towards productivity and due fair attribution. The site to which I refer belongs to beautifulFukc on the Xanga network, and an apology has since been made with a disclaimer issued.


2 thoughts on “Gallery — Time

  1. Makes me feel that words are beyond my touch,

    I think such poems should be converged with the matching piece of visual art in a published book one day for the piece to be read and the poem to be seen.

  2. Hanan,
    Thank you so much for your kind words and wonderful suggestion. I hope one day everything can be compiled and published in a single volume, but hopefully the digital format will suffice until then!

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