Gallery — Rapture

Rapture, 2004 (c)

by Sarah Badr, 2004
100 x 72 cm glossy print

This piece builds on Paddington Station, one of my favourite tube stations in London. This was primarily due to my associating it with Paddington Bear as a child. But as I grew older, I realised that it was the history of it that I was most fascinated by. And dating back to as early as 1854, one can surely understand why. But despite that, the arched support beams, the wide and airy interior, and renovation over recent years still manage to lend it a very modern feel.

The main text overlay is actually the word rapture resulting from a stall in changing the font from Arial to MS Reference Specialty, as shown below:


See also: TFL – London Underground

Sarah Badr © MMIX


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