Moving to Iceland

19 September, 2006

…Well, I wish. This is the music video for Björk’s ‘Jóga’, the first single from her 1997 Homogenic album.

Directed by French director Michel Gondry (see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), the video was shot over Iceland with a 16mm hand-held camera. Displaying the beautiful topography of the small volcanic island nation in hundreds of stills edited and morphed into a free-flow of earth, water, and flora in synchrony with flying above computer-animated landscapes, this video revives my longstanding desire to go on an extensive photography expedition up north.

Albeit the animation could have been a lot better with today’s available visual technologies (I’m eerily reminded of a 3D interior design programme I used to use back in the 90s–the kind where you approach the cement-like furniture with your mouse-pointer and it all mysteriously disappears), I have to give credit to the effects team for so skillfully showing the richness and wonders of that incredible Nordic scenery. And the song in combination with the video–dedicated to Björk’s friend Jóhanna Jóhannsdóttir (nicknamed Jóga) and her homeland of Iceland–is the perfect tribute, heightened by the visual verses of ’emotional landscapes’.

Sarah Badr © MMVI

See also: ‘Bachelorette’ music video (also by Michel Gondry, from Homogenic)

Björk: Official Site



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  2. Eternal Sunshine was great movie, very moving for me. Carrey did a great job and didn’t overact like he tends to do.

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