Sony Bravia Bouncy Balls

Finally, here it is: the one about the Sony BRAVIA advert.

I had first come across this award-winner by word of mouth, in the midst of all the frenzy over letting loose 250,000 brightly coloured bouncy balls down the sloping streets of San Francisco (Neo‘s idea of heaven). By the Danish director Nicolai Fuglsig, it features José González’s single ‘Heartbeats’, dreamily playing in the background as the balls bounce whimsically to the rhythm of nature’s gravity. And since then, I’ve been informed that there is yet another advert on the way (by British director Jonathan Glazer) featuring massive paint explosions, huge quantities of non-toxic paint, and requiring 250 people for a ten-day shoot. What exactly is BRAVIA, you ask? Well, it’s a state of the art television range, more specifically known as the BRAVIA LCD and 3LCD range. Focusing on its key concepts of high-definition, colour and clarity, its debut commercial has really hit home with its novel and imaginative punch line. And as I only like adverts that have humourous and/or visual substance not characterised by overt pretension (leaving very few out there to like), the ‘bouncy balls’ advert has a lot to offer despite just being about a kind of television.

Below is the official advert, also followed by a ‘remake’ of it by Rory Steele (Silly Man Pictures). This second one shows how just a change in the music and method of presentation can turn a pleasant, airy-type spot into a deadly invasion of misleadingly coloured spherical objects.

Sarah Badr © MMVI

See also: Sony BRAVIA Advert (Official Site)


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